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A very extensive collection of jewelry research.  This section covers the history of jewelry, jewelry designers, jewelry signatures, jewelry trademarks, and everything you need to know to identify all your vintage and antique jewelry.


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Welcome to Jean Francesca Jewelers Free Freebie Freebies Page!  Jean Francesca Jewelers has a constant, ever changing stock of antique and vintage estate jewelry.  We buy in bulk from top of the line estates.  Sometimes there are items included in boxes of estate jewelry that do not match that of what we sell.  For instance, there may be a pillbox that we would not sell, or a figurine.  Or findings.  Those are just three instances.  We find hundreds of different estate items that do not fit what we sell in our store, and we find them on a constant basis.  So we will be putting all our items on this page.  This page has items that are absolutely free. Shipping on the freebies is also free!!!  No purchase necessary!


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1)  This is on a first come, first serve, basis.  If you are the first to submit the form below, then you will receive your freebie.  We can tell by our program the order in which people sent in their forms.   2)  You will receive an email from if you were the one who sent your form in first.  3)  One freebie per address, per day.  You are welcome to request any freebie you want, or you can put all the freebies in the order of your preference.   However, you will receive one freebie.   This gives everyone a fair chance to get a freebie.  3)  Make sure that you put your name, address, and email address in the form.  Last name is required.  Missing fields will cancel your chance of getting a freebie.  The only field that you do not have to fill in is the second address box if that does not apply to you.  4)  You are not registering for anything, and we only use your information to ship your freebie.  5)  If you place an order from our store and also click on a freebie, then the same rules apply to the freebie.  They are still on a first come, first serve, basis.  We do not want anyone to think that a purchase is necessary.  6)  You are disqualified if you are related to anyone at Jean Francesca Jewelers.  Sorry, but we want to make this as fair as possible.  7)  We do not tell anyone, including our Yahoo Groups list, when the next freebies promotion will start.  Again, this is because we want to make it fair for everyone.   

 We ship quickly and efficiently.  If you do not see any freebies in the freebie picture boxes below, then there is no freebies promotion going on.  We have lots of freebies promotions, more than once a week.  You have to keep checking back because the freebies go VERY quickly.  

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Attention:  Some people are the first to get in on the promotion, however they are not following the above directions.  You must put your first and last name in the "name" field.  Also, an email address does not qualify as a name in the "name" field.  All fields must be filled out properly or your request is null and void.  The only field that does not have to be filled out is the second address line if that does not pertain to you.


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Jean Francesca Jewelers Free Freebie Freebies Promotions!  Absolutely Free Jewelry!  We Have Many Promotions!  100% Free With Free Shipping Too!


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